Children of Belen CommunityOne of the highlights of our latest visit to Iquitos was to meet and visit the home of the children in our Education and Nutrition Program. We arrived in the community of Belen, a severely impoverished community just outside the city that is flooded half the year and where the children swim in the same water the community’s waste flows. You can’t imagine the living conditions; it is something you have to see for yourself!

We asked the children that are being sponsored to color pictures with their name so we could take their pictures back to their sponsors. As you can see they were all excited to do so. One of the children wasn’t responding as the rest and Albert said she had not eaten that day (it was 3pm!). He then explained that he had been subsidizing the other children with food (from his own support) so they wouldn’t have to sell candy on the streets at night. We now have a sponsor that is sending extra money to  feed this little girl. COTA is now determined to raise the funds necessary to provide these and other destitute children with the basics of life we all here in the U.S. take for granted to help them stay off the streets and receive an education.

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